Fine vintage and antique jewelry in Antique Boutique Store

I love jewelry, who doesn’t right? But the problem is, I like it  more having it than selling it.:-)  This is the main reason I’m trying to avoid buying it for store. Usually it ending up on my neck,  finger or wrist. Sometimes I just have to get it because of beauty of the piece, its uniqueness,  or rarity. I want to describe some of those items in here. All my jewelry mentioned on this we site is for sale in one of my online stores. kindly please and check our inventory there.

First ring is art deco  ring made of 14kt white gold and have a freshwater pearls, tiny saphires and accent diamond. I’m quite sure this piece was custom made back in 1920ties in France . It has very unusual design. You can see it yourself, delicacy, elegance of it. Definitely piece for special occasion. Pearls as well determine this ring cannot be wear everyday and have contact with chemicals. Belseethe



About antiqueboutiquestore

Store Hours are 12AM-8PM Wednesday-Sunday. Monday and Tuesday by appointment only.
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